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From the funnel cakes to the front row

In June this past year, I went to a Chris Tomlin concert with friends and family. The music ignited my spirit and the atmosphere was holy. There is something about being in a large place with other believers in Christ, raising our arms and voices in praise and worship to God, that is completely matchless to any other outside event.

We all enjoy ballgames and the intensity of competition between our favorite sports teams. There is such a feeling of community and solidarity in those types if places. But my reflection rests in a phrase that Chris used that night at the Detroit DTE Energy Music Theatre that I want to share with you.

In Chris’s words preparing us for a song, he was sharing the truth about how as God’s children, we have access to everything we need because we are no longer enemies of God. He paraphrased Galatians 3:26 and stated how we can proudly claim that we are co-heirs with Christ. And that because of our decision to follow Jesus, we now can have anything we want “from the funnel cakes to the front row.”

He doesn’t mean that Christians are spoiled children who get everything they want. He was sharing how there is nothing too small or too big to take to God in prayer, because as His children, everything we encounter or go through is important to Him. And when something we ask for is in line with God’s will, we are guaranteed through Scripture that Our Heavenly Father will not leave us hanging.

May you be encouraged and reminded that you are important to the King of the Universe. Enjoy your funnel cake…I’m going back for seconds before I take my seat in the front row. 😉