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New Year, New Start

The year 2012 has just begun and already it’s the ninth day. Time to list all the good things for this coming year…

It’s tradition every year to come up with resolutions and ideas to stay more organized. How many people bought discounted Rubbermaid containers to store household items? Did anyone buy a day planner? I’m sure there’s an app for that.

Maybe you’re going to try to read the Bible in a year. (And since you’ve failed consecutively for the last four or five years, this is the one year that you’re REALLY going to do it.)

Did you buy a gym membership? It’s okay, if you make it through the entire month of January and you’re still regularly attending, I’ll buy you a cookie (or carrot stick, if that’s more you’re thing).

I’ll publicly declare a few areas I could use some revision in my life:

1) I’m going to re-connect with some awesome people.
I have some amazing friends that I don’t make time for, so I’m resolving to actually connect with them this year. Relationships need time, so that’s my first priority. Just as a believer has to spend time in prayer and in the Word connecting with God, every other relationship in our life must follow the same pattern. We have to genuinely care about those around us, and listen/speak with and love them. Then the relationships can be nurtured. 🙂

2) I’m going to stop caring what other people think.
Think it seems impossible? Scripture assures me that nothing is impossible with God, so I’m going to let Him renew my mind. My first step was admitting that I cared more about what others thought of me, than what my own Heavenly Father thinks! My second step was admitting that letting others’ opinions matter, actually changes my natural behavior because I am acting in a way that they expect of me. How is that Scripturally sound? Back up the train! There has to be a better way! And there is!

When I find my value in Christ and know that His robes of righteousness are on me, and my sins are white as snow, what the world knows of my past doesn’t matter. I am right with the King. I’m going to be myself and let God continue to soften my heart.

3) My verse for the year is Nehemiah 8:10. “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” It’s going to be my motto for the year (and hopefully a few more after this one!).

I love the picture of Jesus smiling/laughing. How often do we picture Him that way?

I believe that to obtain joy, we have to be completely selfless, and put others first (after all, the acronym for JOY is Jesus, Others, Yourself). So if that’s the case, then I’m praying for God to show me new ways to meet the needs of others around me. I know a lot of hurting people and I’m going to listen to the Spirit so that I can show them who Jesus is. As I do my part, I’ll be filled and complete in Christ, that my strength will come from being obedient. He always follows through on His promises, and His strength isn’t like our physical strength. His strength is for the mind, soul, and body. He is the living water, and quenches all thirst. If my focus is on Him this year, then He will meet all of my needs (Phil. 4:19) and I can continue to be His hands and feet.

Finally, I’m going to let this year take me where it will. I’m truly loving being a new wife: my husband is my best friend, he teaches me daily and is surrendered to Christ which gives me such security and peace.

By becoming a part-time student again, I know I’ll have a schedule and deadlines. But that doesn’t excuse me from listening to God, being there for others who need me, and opening my heart to something that may have to change within myself. If I continue to be completely surrendered, who knows what God can do with me? And I’m actually quite excited to find out!!

I also truly enjoy being a stepmother. I love my girls, and I’ve promised them that I’ll always be in the background for them, whenever they need me. I love our talks, activities and perspectives. They are keeping me young and teaching me a lot! I’m blessed to have them in my life and am truly grateful for both of them.

May you be blessed this new year, may you turn toward the Father and see Him for who He is, not what the world has told you, and may you long to have the kind of relationship He gives that truly satisfies. I will no longer be chasing the wind.


I am a 43-year old wife and stepmother who is a strong believer in Jesus Christ and writes as a way of communicating and organizing my beliefs and life experiences. My goal is to help others learn the truth of Jesus Christ and the redemption that is available to all of us! I love getting my ideas from my bean to the screen. Thanks for stopping by.

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